Marg, Agata, Daphni
Marg, Agata, Daphni

I’ve never tried busking. In fact I have no artistic talent (though as I always say, I prefer to think that it’s undiscovered). When I sent a handmade Christmas card to my parents, they asked me if I was so skint that I couldn’t afford to buy one. I’m not a performer but this site is also about me. It’s about everyone who has ever smiled when walking home at night heard a favourite song played by a busker. About everyone who despite being in a rush in the morning sings at least one verse of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”. It’s about parents who want their kids to have a photo with a living statue in the most touristic spots. It’s even about those who have ever given money to musicians who played so badly that everyone hoped that they would leave if they make enough.

I wouldn’t call Athens my favourite city. I don’t like Greek mentality either. But I do love hanging out in Ermou. It’s a magic place. You meet there a great variety of people. Honestly in different circumstances most of us wouldn’t probably be friends. Not only we all grew up with different backgrounds and have different stories to share but also there is a language barrier. Even though we struggle communicate smoothly, when we are together we are like a big family.

I’ll be totally honest. I do not believe in “one love”. When I have two people in front of me in most of the cases I will like one of them more. I even stopped forgiving mistakes or giving people one hundred more chances when they hurt me. It works differently with our Ermou Crew. I just want to be there, meet those people and learn more about their lives. Sometimes you meet a new person and you think that there is nothing you can learn from him/her (we do love judging, don’t we?). And then suddenly something glamourous happens and before you realise you just completely into this.

Marg, Kostakis
Marg, Kostakis

There have been so many unbeatable moments since I started hanging out in Ermou. A couple of months ago I had my most memorable Christmas dancing with some strangers from Algeria in the middle of Monastiraki square. Ok, not much to do with the holiday spirit but that was one of the best nights in my life. Since then I am a huge fan of Berber music. Sometimes someone grabs a guitar and though you didn’t even know that he knows how to play, does it so beautifully that it melts your heart.

Some buskers play just for fun, some make a living out of this. No matter for which reason they are out there, in the streets, they have an enormous influence on our daily lives. I wonder if they have realised that..

If you want to learn more on how I see busking, please check also my article about it: here.

April 2011
Małgosia (Margarita)

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Busking in Athens