JamesHometown: London

In Athens: Dec 2010

James will be a superstar one day. It’s a sure bet. He is already a hero for most of the people who have ever had a chance to see him busking. He plays so beautifully that you wouldn’t be able to pass him by without noticing him. He is like an amulet against the evil eye. The spirits are always high when you have him around; you look at him and smile. Such a charming man!

Music is supposed to inspire

James came to Athens in December. It was supposed to be short stop on the way to Istanbul but due to the strikes he had to change his plans and stay for a week. He immediately met other musicians that were willing to jam with him. The weather was perfect and we grooved to the Motown sound. It was like the summer festival in the middle of winter. James puts his heart and soul into his performance. Even those who never play in the street could not resist joining him. What an influential musician!

There’s no sunshine when J’s gone

Beautiful things sometimes must come to the end. Just after James had left the weather broke down and it rained a lot. The party was over but we kept happy memories and.. a hundred of photos and videos that we watch over and over again. We show them to all newbies trusting that they will inspire them. Hopefully one day we will welcome James to Athens again. Apart from being a talented musician he is simply a good friend with an absolutely wicked sense of humor.

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