George About Himself:

I was born on 1981. I’m from a small town 2 hours away from Athens. I learned how to play drums at the local Marching Band there which resulted in finding a job at the Air Force Marching Band at 2003. Unfortunately though life in Athens and especially military life in Athens can be stressful and boring sometimes… Around 2010 I decided to start meeting people who play music at the streets in order to become a better musician and improve my social life.

George is one of the most popular buskers in Athens and he could be described as a very successful freelancer. He has been playing with most of the street musicians. Despite having a job and a busy schedule he has performed at all Busking in Athens events. We always laugh that we can skip the “George ‘Oldman’ on drums” part on the line-up as everyone knows that, even if not planned before, he is the first musician on the stage and the last leaving a place.

Some of you might have met him hanging in the center with a towel around his neck. Yes, it’s George: Summer Edition- coming back from the beach and “just passing” through Ermou. Even if he is not carrying his collection of drums he always has with him some small instruments but he also proves that a Heineken bottle works perfectly as a drum too!

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