I remember how impressed I was when I saw them first time in Ermou and every time I see them I admire them even more. They create an indescribable aura which makes their performance captivating.

I copied my friend’s facebook status which describes perfectly Δώθε Κείθε live:

Amazing night. Passion. Romance. Dancing in the street. There was a large group of people playing traditional songs and a large group of girls dancing in a circle dance.

And that’s what Δώθε Κείθε wrote about themselves:

Everything started back in the year 2005, when Dimi and Sakis decided to go out to sing the Christmas carols and that no, damnit, we’re not old for this sh#t…!. We recrewed some friends and did a short tour around Peristeri and Egaleo cities.

Admitedly it was a huge success!

With spare nerve we kept on our live appearances, playing in fundraising “teas” at the church of “Ag.Triada” of Egaleo alongside with some other friends, starting to make the band’s open line-up a trademark! And of course kept on playing the carols at the photographer of Dimis’ neighborhood who, by then, had made a tradition photoshooting the band!

The year 2007 the band had it’s most original line-up with Dimi, Sakis, Vakis, Thakis, Lakis and a diary full of appearances in the historical tavern “Rombos”.

The years passed in more or less the same way until 2010, when two parallel routes united. Gakis moved to Athens and finally had his chance to bust our b@lls from an inch distance!

The rest of the bands activities (side projects as my grand mother would say!), as from then, are multifarious and at least epicolyrical, and cover a range from appearances in wedding events and New Year’s Pies’ cuttings to street musician stuff (Ermou 21, Lapin House marbles!!!) and totally freaking super cool situations of turning the universe upside down (Schinousa stay heavy!)…always welcoming every-single-body in our everchanging and multicollective company!

Throughout this long yeared route the name of the band changed hand in hand with us

Μ(ε).Τ(ο).Π(ουλί).Σ(το).Χ(έρι)     meaning     W(ith).T(he).P(enis).I(n).H(and).
refering mostly to our marital status and all the, of aerobic nature, habits that it imposed to us (yes…we had no girlfriends whatsoever!)


Δώθε Κείθε” meaning literally “Hither There”
refering to all these deep and of philosophical interest thoughts about the here and there of the human nature…and including of course our permanent, final, inborn we’d say and beforehands affirmative participation in all kinds of fiestas, parties and events of all kinds…

by Δώθε Κείθε

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