Hmm… what a magical word?! I enjoy just saying it… It all started when I was 4. I used to be the ’’alive remote control’’ for changing LPs. I didn’t even know to speak properly but I knew where every LP from my brother’s collection was placed. I knew where Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Hair soundtrack were placed and many other great music bands who are idols to many young people even nowadays. My favorite song when I was 4 was Bob Dylan’s Knocking on heavens door… I guess that was all I could sing then: ’’knock, knock…knock, knock’’ 😀 hehehe Although I was listening to a lot of music when I was little boy, I didn’t have a chance to play any instrument until I finished my primary school. So, after I finished my primary I got my very first acoustic guitar… I wanted to get it much earlier, but I didn’t have the opportunity… And that moment was my lifetime dream cometrue…Finally I had a guitar in my hands. At first I didn’t know any chords and I enjoyed just looking at it… And then I found this book and I started learning the chords from it…Since I didn’t have a computer and internet at the time, I used to listen to the songs and rely on my hearing to learn their chords. Suddenly, I started really playing the guitar. After months of playing alone I started playing in my first high school band and covering famous serbian songs. Playing guitar was really something amazing to me but I wanted to explore more so I started singing as well. At first I was a really bad singer. Hahahah It makes me sad to think about all those people who had to listen to me sing… hahaha Anyway…since I was shy, I didn’t have the guts to perform in front of live audience. So, I started busking. Someone would say that’s even harder. Hmm…I guess it is. But that was something I wanted to try so hard. So, I did it. I started busking in Athens in 2008.


Both my brother and my sister live in Athens so…I went to Greece very often to visit them, but that was the first time I wanted to try out the street performance. I was playing famous guitar solos by Carlos Santana, Gary Moore, Joe Satriani and many others. Busking for the first time was something really big to me…I was scared to death. But people liked my playing and it gave me courage to persevere. I could hear the jingle of coins in my guitar case. It was the sound of support. I was not so bad I guess. At first I played just because I wanted to experience something new and earn some money thanks to the talent I’ve got. But now I play because I really enjoy it, because busking is not only playing for money in the street, busking means making new friends, making people happy, making people dance, smile, kiss each other… and spreading positive energy.
Even if the case is empty sometimes, my heart is full of joy when I see a child dancing to music I play…when a couple kisses…when the group of people smile and sing the lyrics along with me – that’s something priceless to me.


Busking in the street is not all that I do. Music is the sea that you always want to explore further and further. Recently I’ve started writing my own songs and music but I still wanted more so I have also started composing and recording music in my small home recording studio. I have just finished this one little project of mine and I’m thinking about recording it in professional studio, but since I do everything by myself it is little unaffordable at the moment. So right now I’m busking so that I can make money to record my music and share it with the world. I think it is high time for people to finally hear my music.