My name is Bobby D’amore and I come from Texas via New York City. I have a Greek family on my mother’s side and from an early age I loved almost all kinds of Greek music. But when I discovered Rebetika at the tender age of 19, I knew that something out of my own control had decided I needed to learn that bouzouki I bought in Athens when I was 16. For years I fumbled around without a teacher, using the internet to find songs and information. Greeks are rare in Texas and only a passing few were able to show me any tricks. I finally managed to learn a few songs by Markos Vamvakaris, my favorite bouzouki player and decided the world needed to know about this obscure, old music. I went to New York City at the age of 23 and regularly performed for Americans and Greeks alike to great fanfare and I was even able to make some money doing it. I also spent time in New Orleans, where I found the Big Easy to be anything but easy, although I still had a great time.

So now I’m here in Athens at the age of 28, pursuing my bouzouki dreams to form a group which plays the old songs in the old style and maybe makes some new songs too. I hope to meet anyone who is sympathetic of my dreams of continuing the artful tradition of Greece’s underworld spirit with fresh passion. You can find me busking on Ermou Street on most days in the afternoon or evenings. You can also find me performing every Sunday with some friends at a taverna in Psyrri called “Salta Con Migos” which is on Lepeniotou Street. We start at 3:00 pm and keep going until 11pm!

Feel free to stop by to say hello whether I’m in the street or on the stage and thanks for supporting Busking in Athens!