Musician Bob Boyle
Bob Boyle

Songwriter, singer

Originally from: Edinburgh, Scotland

Who is he? What is he?

A poet, a mystic, a wandering vagabond? From an early age his parents knew he has a special talent. When only a baby he knocked off some cornflakes from his high chair and they fell to the ground spelling ‘Jimi Hendrix’…

Many years passed…

Since turning his hand to singing and songwriting about 5 years ago, Bob has written a series of inspirational and original songs that capture the heart and imagination; and the spirit of his personal journey.

Very recently he has teamed up with the mighty Detroit Jimmy after entering the Athens busking circuit. The pair have entertained audiences in the heart of Athens with their wide range of material and distinctive yet complimentary styles.

The future?

After a successful foray into the Athens live music scene. DJ and BB are currently looking for gigs Europe wide and to integrate some of their own material into their covers set.

Watch this space….

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