Busking in Athens – Where music and people share the melodies of life.

Buskinginathens.com aims to promote street artists, organise events and encourage buskers to work together.

The site was created by Małgosia Węglarz (aka Margarita), who came up with the idea while hanging out in Ermou – the most famous shopping street in Athens and the main stage for buskers. At Ermou, she met many interesting and talented performers and decided to help them maintain the positive image of street artists. The Ermou Crew isn’t only about the performers, but also about the audience – people of different backgrounds and nationalities who listen, sing along and dance together.

Recently our focus has shifted, and now it features not only buskers performing on the streets of Athens, but also videos and information on street artists from around the world.

Check out the Ermou Crew section to find out who is currently playing and who has entertained in the past. Do not hesitate to say “hi” when you see them perform in their favourite spots and please show your appreciation by dropping a few coins in the hat.

Welcome to the street of Athens!

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